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Welcome to Apna Bazar

At the out-set it is submitted The Rajkot District Central Consumers Co. Operative Society Limited is established in 1963, as a small Co-operative establishment in those days, when the Co-operative establishments concept was very Rare. However with the efforts of Late Shri Arvindbhai Maniar, (First Mayor of Rajkot), a eminent Tax Consultant, Former, Chairman of Rajkot Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd and One of the Founder of One of the Largest Co-operative Bank in India and a Visionary man with great foresight, alongwith equally competent Late Shri Chimanbhai Shukla, eminent and famous Criminal side Lawyer, great social worker and contributed lot to the Political field and most of the present workers, MLA and even our today's CM Shri Vijaybhai Rupani are the students of Shri Chimanbhai Shukla who led the Co-operative movement. At the same time Ex-Chief Minister Shri Keshubhai Patel, Shri Jyotindrabhai Mehta (Former Chairman of Rajkot Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd), Shri Natubhai Chavda and So many workers helped in establishing, "APNA BAZAR" which is now famous by that name rather than "The Rajkot District Central Consumers Co. Operative Society Limited".

Further this Organization is mainly involved in Supplying gas to the customers and integrity, honesty and supply of gas cylinders in time with proper weight by our delivery man is the salient features of our organization. Further the organization is also supplying Syllabus books to the students of Std .1 to 12 to the various dealers as the organization has agency of "PATHIYA PUSTAK" and a such doing great service to the society.


With the passage of time, the Organization has started selling "Generic Drugs" and has opened 2 Medical store, One at Bhupendra Road, Rajkot in the premises of Apna Bazar itself and another medical store is near Anand nagar Society, Rajkot. The drugs are available and sold at too reasonable price and there is huge difference between allopathic drugs and Genric drugs. For e.g. Diabetes checking machine, in other words checking sugar machine is available with our organization at almost 50% price then the market value.

The organization has completed 60 Years in 2021 and the strength of Shareholders in Organization is nearly 11,800 and the Organization gives 15% dividend to the Share holders and Gift worth minimum Rs.400/- to the Shareholders every 3 years on a Share of Face Value of Rs. 10/-.


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Our Vision and Mission

In a coming years the Organization is going to start selling Wheat, Rice, Oil, Notebooks at a very reasonable price and at discount to the Shareholders of Organization and also at a very reasonable price than the compare market value. The aim of Organization is Social service and helping the poor, middle class and downtrodden people of the society by selling necessary and daily items to run the house and helping the students.

The organization is trying and in touch with officers of the government to get a land and construct new Apna Bazar with large space to further expand our business activities as the present place is situated in crowded area and parking and movement of vehicles is the main problem. Further the organization can start other activities and even can start "Mall business" and ultimately the society will benefit.

To reach the Common man, in a modern day, the information regarding organization, Apna Bazar is now available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and very soon the organization is starting its own Website.

In coming years the Mission of the 'Apna Bazar' is to expand Co-operative activities on a huge scale and start various social activities like promoting bright childerns of our share holders, benefitting the customers by selling various life necessary items at a low cost etc.

Finally 'Apna Bazar' is thankful to all above mentioned persons and Shri Kalpakbhai Maniar (Former Chairman of Rajkot Nagrik Sahakari Bank Ltd.) and eminent Chartered Accountant who has always guided the society - 'Apna Bazar' and who is silent worker behind the scene.

Also huge credit goes to Shri Natubhai Chavda, Shri Balubhai Sheth and Shri Arvindbhai Sojitara Former chairman of 'Apna Bazar' and all my director friends.